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Using Recap as an Integration Activity

In this clip, Michèle Palmieri-Colatriano, ESL teacher at La Dauversière primary school (CSPI), explains how and why she uses Recap as an integration activity at the end of a LES.

Michèle uses the texts written by the MEES Ask an Expert – Bedbugs for Intensive ESL and adapts them into an LES. Students become experts on bedbugs to answer specific questions in the form of a letter, as well as to think critically about scientific information. At the end, they record their answers in the app called Recap. This document is used to help formulate the right question in this specific activity.

Recap is an easy video response multiplatform tool that can be used to allow students to answer reflection questions about:

-  What they learned.
-  What they liked.
-  What strategies they used in the learning sequence.
-  What questions still remain.
-  How they feel about the task.
-  How will they proceed.

Demonstrating Understanding with Padlet

In this clip, Roxanne Paquette, an Intensive ESL teacher from Louis-de-Gonzague elementary school (CSDM), explains how she integrates Padlet as an activity to verify student understanding after reading texts.

Padlet is an online multiplatform tool that creates a virtual wall where teachers and students can collaborate and reflect on a variety of topics. They can also share videos, links, images and sounds. It’s even possible to record a comment directly in a post and draw something.

Do you want to know how you can use it in class? You can watch this quick tutorial explaining how to activate students’ prior knowledge with the Entry Ticket activity using Padlet. Note that it can be used for different pedagogical intentions but setting up the activity remains the same.

Once Upon a Time - Writing and Producing an Animated Story

This project was created by Joey Simard-Bolduc from the CSS de Portneuf.

Through the exploration of the characteristics of a fairy tales, students learn the steps of a narrative story: setup, conflict, challenges, climax and resolution.

Students write a narrative story and animate it with the Toontastic 3D app (Android), Scratch, Scratch Jr or other animation tools.

(optional) Students can also use Ozobots to demonstrate their understanding by planning a sequence of actions that represent the important events of a chosen story.

Use the Overview to view the sequence and the Presentation in class with students. Use the links in the 2 documents to access student documents.
Adapt all the documents to your needs.

*Note: Toontastic was used in the original project but it is not available in the Apple App Store anymore. We added suggestions in order to use the sequence with other digital tools.

Using Mentimeter as a Hook and For Reviewing Vocabulary

In this video, we see how and why Nadia Laurendeau, an ESL teacher at CSMV, uses a collaborative word cloud, with the Mentimeter tool, to review vocabulary with her Grade 4 students. She also wanted to hook them to the topic that they will work on in class.

Mentimeter is an online tool that creates interactive presentations. There are a variety of activities that can be used in class such as the collaborative word cloud, multiple-choice questions, open-ended questions, etc.

Do you want to know how you can use it in class? You can watch this quick tutorial explaining how to activate students’ prior knowledge with Mentimer. Note that it can be used for different purposes but setting up the activity remains the same.

A Survivor’s Journal

In this learning situation, we want to make students aware of different survival stories that have occurred in real life. They will develop empathy while reacting to different situations in authentic contexts. Throughout the project, they will enhance their reflective thinking and communication skills.

In team, students will write a survival story (journal/diary) where they have to imagine themselves having gone through a difficult survival situation. Their survival instincts, emotions and feelings will be portrayed as well as the sequence of events and the solutions to the problems encountered.

In the clip, you will see students recording their journal using the online tool Recap. Since, it as shut down, you could do this project with any video recording tool: camera app on a tablet, Flipgrid(similar to Recap), etc.

Create a promotional clip about a resort using Adobe Spark Video

In this clip, Caroline Saint-Louis, a secondary ESL teacher from Massey-Vanier high school (CSVDC), explains how she used Adobe Spark Video to have her students create a promotional video of a resort.

The Resort Project

With a partner, students will decide on a resort that they you would want to visit. They will be using the Adobe Spark Video application in order to create a video that will promote a resort and make it irresistible to visit!