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Using a Collaborative Word Cloud with Mentimeter

In this video, we present how you can use a collaborative word cloud to activate prior knowledge with Mentimeter.

Reviewing Grammar Using Quiz Tools

In this clip, Nadia Laurendeau, an ESL teacher at the Samuel-De Champlain Elementary School (CSMV), explains how she uses Quizziz (a quiz tool) to review grammar with her students.

Quizizz is a free multiplatform tool that is used to create quizzes in class or at home. There are a variety of quiz tools that exist such as: Plickers, Kahoot, Socrative, Google Form or O365 Forms, etc. The choice of the tool depends on your preference, your pedagogical intention and the technology available in class.

Do you want to have more ideas to integrate survey tools in class? You can consult the Engage Students with Interactive Videos and Surveys presentation.

Using an Entry Ticket with Padlet

In this clip, we present how you can create an entry ticket activity with Padlet.

Padlet is an online multiplatform tool that creates a virtual wall where teachers and students can collaborate and reflect on a variety of topics. They can also share videos, links, images and sounds. It’s even possible to record a comment directly in a post and draw something.

Other ideas to integrate Padlet in class:

-  To activate prior knowledge in collaboration
-  To check for understanding
-  To brainstorm vocabulary or sentences to reinvest in a written production
-  To share resources (images, videos, links)
-  To showcase student’s work
-  To receive or record feedback
-  To summarize student’s learning
-  To ask metacognitive questions