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Using Recap as an Integration Activity

In this clip, Michèle Palmieri-Colatriano, ESL teacher at La Dauversière primary school (CSPI), explains how and why she uses Recap as an integration activity at the end of a LES.

Michèle uses the texts written by the MEES Ask an Expert – Bedbugs for Intensive ESL and adapts them into an LES. Students become experts on bedbugs to answer specific questions in the form of a letter, as well as to think critically about scientific information. At the end, they record their answers in the app called Recap. This document is used to help formulate the right question in this specific activity.

Recap is an easy video response multiplatform tool that can be used to allow students to answer reflection questions about:

-  What they learned.
-  What they liked.
-  What strategies they used in the learning sequence.
-  What questions still remain.
-  How they feel about the task.
-  How will they proceed.

Constructing Meaning of Texts Using Recap

In this clip, Alexandra Coutlée, an ESL teacher from des Hauts-Sommets High School, explains how and why she uses the Recap tool with her secondary students.

Book Appreciation Using a Video Response Tool

This project was done by Geneviève Goupil from CSDM with her regular grade 6 students.
After reading the novel "Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes" in class as a group, students learn how to formulate their opinion and appreciation through various activities. In the final task, they answer questions from their teacher via a video response tool to share their opinion and appreciation of the book.
The video response tool she used will become unavailable. Another tool that can be used is Flipgrid.

Creating an Interactive Guide / Poster Using Media Tools

This Learning and Evaluation Situation was created by Anne-Marie Morin from the CSBE in 2018-2019.

Anne-Marie Morin used the theme of ninjas to have students reflect upon behaviours and attitudes to adopt in their everyday life so they can communicate effectively and apply them at school, at home, or in the daily activities. As a final task, students have to write a text and produce a poster explaining how to be a good ninja.

In this LES called "A Guide to Being a Good Ninja", you will find:

Activity sheet with general information about the project
Teacher Guide Presentation (Google Slide)
Stations with activities from the LES (can be used as stations or as sequential activities)

Reinvesting Information to Create a Brochure and Produce a Video Advertisement Using Adobe Spark Video

In this clip, Julie Pilote, a secondary ESL teacher at Le Centre Saint-Aubin (CSDC), explains how she organizes classroom activities for her students to create a brochure and produce a video advertisement using Adobe Spark Video.

In this project, teams of students plan a trip to a Canadian province or a territory of their choice. Each member must plan a complete day in a city/town! At the end, they have to present their trip at the ITAC (International Travel Agency Contest). This famous contest is the best opportunity for the team to present a destination and its wonders.

Students will:

  • Create a business card of their travel agency;
  • Create a travelling brochure;
  • Produce a video advertisement;
  • Present the trip to the ITAC.

This activity was designed by Julie Pilote and Sophie Bernier, ESL teacher and ESL Consultant, CSDC.