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Using an Interactive Video Tool to Activate Prior Knowledge

This Learning and Evaluation Situation named "Teen Issues" was created in 2018-2019 by Catherine Alain from the Portneuf Schoolboard.

The teacher used EdPuzzle to activate the prior knowledge of her students concerning bullying; how it makes them feel and how they are affected by it.

The intention of this LES is to make students aware of the different issues that teens experience, conscious that there are services that exists and have them produce a media poster with resources to help their classmates deal with it.

In collaboration with the Service national du RÉCIT, domaine des langues.

Why Should We Activate Prior Knowledge?

Finding out what students already know about a certain topic is essential to improving learning. Not every student has the same background knowledge. According to Marzano, "What students already know about the content is one of the strongest indicators of how well they will learn new information relative to the
content" (2004, p. 1). We can then provide resources that will really suit their needs. In this document, you will find a variety of activities to activate prior knowledge with ICTs and get a better understanding of what your whole class knows about a given topic.

Using KWL with Scrumblr

This video presents how to use a KWL chart to activate prior knowledge with an online tool called Scrumblr.

Using a Collaborative Word Cloud with Mentimeter

In this video, we present how you can use a collaborative word cloud to activate prior knowledge with Mentimeter.

Using an Entry Ticket with Padlet

In this clip, we present how you can create an entry ticket activity with Padlet.

Padlet is an online multiplatform tool that creates a virtual wall where teachers and students can collaborate and reflect on a variety of topics. They can also share videos, links, images and sounds. It’s even possible to record a comment directly in a post and draw something.

Other ideas to integrate Padlet in class:

-  To activate prior knowledge in collaboration
-  To check for understanding
-  To brainstorm vocabulary or sentences to reinvest in a written production
-  To share resources (images, videos, links)
-  To showcase student’s work
-  To receive or record feedback
-  To summarize student’s learning
-  To ask metacognitive questions

Using the Frayer Model with an IWB

In this clip, we present how to use the Frayer Model (a graphic organizer) to activate prior knowledge using IWB software.