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A Survivor’s Journal

In this learning situation, we want to make students aware of different survival stories that have occurred in real life. They will develop empathy while reacting to different situations in authentic contexts. Throughout the project, they will enhance their reflective thinking and communication skills.

In team, students will write a survival story (journal/diary) where they have to imagine themselves having gone through a difficult survival situation. Their survival instincts, emotions and feelings will be portrayed as well as the sequence of events and the solutions to the problems encountered.

In the clip, you will see students recording their journal using the online tool Recap. Since, it as shut down, you could do this project with any video recording tool: camera app on a tablet, Flipgrid(similar to Recap), etc.

Create a promotional clip about a resort using Adobe Spark Video

In this clip, Caroline Saint-Louis, a secondary ESL teacher from Massey-Vanier high school (CSVDC), explains how she used Adobe Spark Video to have her students create a promotional video of a resort.

The Resort Project

With a partner, students will decide on a resort that they you would want to visit. They will be using the Adobe Spark Video application in order to create a video that will promote a resort and make it irresistible to visit!

Writing and Producing a Narrated Video of a Poem Using Adobe Spark Video

In this clip, Annie Perreault, a secondary ESL teacher at Jean-Jacques Bertrand High School (CSVDC), explains how her students write poetry and record a narration of their poem using Adobe Spark Video.

Students write their poem according to a specific structure. They can use an online resource called Rhyme Zone to help them in their writing.

When ready, students record their poem using Adobe Spark Video and find images that would support their text.

When completed, the productions are shared and watched in the classroom. It is a great opportunity to provide constructive feedback to their peers.

Reinvesting Information to Create a Brochure and Produce a Video Advertisement Using Adobe Spark Video

In this clip, Julie Pilote, a secondary ESL teacher at Le Centre Saint-Aubin (CSDC), explains how she organizes classroom activities for her students to create a brochure and produce a video advertisement using Adobe Spark Video.

In this project, teams of students plan a trip to a Canadian province or a territory of their choice. Each member must plan a complete day in a city/town! At the end, they have to present their trip at the ITAC (International Travel Agency Contest). This famous contest is the best opportunity for the team to present a destination and its wonders.

Students will:

  • Create a business card of their travel agency;
  • Create a travelling brochure;
  • Produce a video advertisement;
  • Present the trip to the ITAC.

This activity was designed by Julie Pilote and Sophie Bernier, ESL teacher and ESL Consultant, CSDC.