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Book Appreciation Using a Video Response Tool

This project was done by Geneviève Goupil from CSDM with her regular grade 6 students.
After reading the novel "Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes" in class as a group, students learn how to formulate their opinion and appreciation through various activities. In the final task, they answer questions from their teacher via a video response tool to share their opinion and appreciation of the book.
The video response tool she used will become unavailable. Another tool that can be used is Flipgrid.

Creating an Interactive Guide / Poster Using Media Tools

This Learning and Evaluation Situation was created by Anne-Marie Morin from the CSBE in 2018-2019.

Anne-Marie Morin used the theme of ninjas to have students reflect upon behaviours and attitudes to adopt in their everyday life so they can communicate effectively and apply them at school, at home, or in the daily activities. As a final task, students have to write a text and produce a poster explaining how to be a good ninja.

In this LES called "A Guide to Being a Good Ninja", you will find:

Activity sheet with general information about the project
Teacher Guide Presentation (Google Slide)
Stations with activities from the LES (can be used as stations or as sequential activities)

Producing a Media Message Using a Poster Design Tool

This Learning and Evaluation Situation named "Teen Issues" was created in 2018-2019 by Catherine Alain from the Portneuf Schoolboard.

The intention of this LES is to make students aware of the different issues that teens experience, conscious that there are services that exists and have them produce a media poster with resources to help their classmates deal with it.

This sequence of activities uses digital tools like EdPuzzle, Google Form, PosterMyWall and Mentimeter.

In collaboration with the Service national du RÉCIT, domaine des langues.


Coding in Intensive English

In this project, Caroline Poulin, an Intensive English teacher at Cs Des Navigateurs and Randy Hamlyn, an ESL educational consultant, collaborated to create tools to bring coding into the classroom in a pedagogical way.

They have created activities where students learn the basics of coding while learning English. A special emphasis was put on having students interact orally.

We encourage you to go through the steps on the website in order to be ready when you start using the tools with the students.

You can find all the tools on Randy’s ESL HAMLet website.